SUNSET OVER LAS TERRENAS by Ashley Marie Richiez
SUNSET OVER LAS TERRENAS by Ashley Marie Richiez

SUNSET OVER LAS TERRENAS by Ashley Marie Richiez



Original by Ashley Marie Richiez

Acrylic, Oil Pastel, Pastel Pencil on Canvas


About the Artist:

Ashley Marie Richiez is a self-taught artist originally from New England. Since 2016 however, she has called Austin, Texas, her home for both her personal life and creative work. Ashley's artistic journey began at a young age, but it was the pandemic of 2020 that prompted her to take a significant leap in her artistic career. During this period of reflection, she came to realize that creating art was where her true passion and joy lay. 

Ashley finds nature to be so fiercely beautiful. So much so, that it is a constant source of inspiration for her artwork. With the use of fluid acrylics on canvas, she aims to capture the profound emotions evoked by nature's embrace. The outdoors and her explorations of new places serve as powerful catalysts, enabling her to create fresh narratives with her paint, bringing forth something beautiful and organic that hadn’t existed before. Ashley aspires to translate the very essence of her surroundings onto canvas, capturing their rhythm, movement, and core in an abstract and expressive form. In doing so, her paintings become visual expressions of those fleeting moments in time, offering a unique and interpretive perspective on each encounter with nature. With every brushstroke, she aims to transcend the constraints of time and unveil a new moment— a fresh story in an ever-evolving narrative.

Ashley has had the opportunity to exhibit her work in group exhibitions, online galleries, and design boutiques, as well as with private collectors around the globe.

*Please note that this piece is currently on display at the Austin Airport. The show is up through the month of September. If you purchase this piece, we will be in touch in early October to coordinate pick up or shipping.