SOÑADORA by Alyssa Dawn
SOÑADORA by Alyssa Dawn

SOÑADORA by Alyssa Dawn


Original Artwork by Alyssa Dawn

Acrylic on Canvas


About the Artist:
Alyssa Dawn Galloway is a child of the Hill Country. A painter and creative based in Austin, Texas, her paintings are inspired by love of the land. An avid environmentalist, her work seeks to transmute the longings for a more harmonious world and wilderness spaces that are fiercely protected. She views the current ecological crisis as being integrally bound to human rights work, and thus her art is informed by issues of access
and displacement.
Her paintings reflect her sense of wonder for the natural world; captivated by the quality of light across a landscape and motivated by a reverence for nature. She primarily works with acrylic paint, and is currently drawing inspiration from the Chihuahuan Desert of West Texas for her ongoing landscape series.