AQUA by Ahn Hee
AQUA by Ahn Hee

AQUA by Ahn Hee


Original Artwork by Ahn Hee

8" x 8"

Acrylic on Canvas

About the artist: 

Ahn Hee is an abstract painter basted in Austin, TX. Her previous work as an art therapist and reiki practitioner has sparked her creative journey towards her own healing. Working in the trauma field has allowed Ahn Hee to grasp a better
understanding of how to process energy within.
Through her own obstacles and experiences, she has begun to use her artwork as a means to process and express emotion to create inner calm and balance within. Influenced by nature, experiences and the rhythmic flow of energy that surrounds her, she hopes to translate movement, recovery and a calming energy that is free and familiar for her viewers. Just as energy shifts and turns, Ahn Hee trusts her creative process to evolve along-side.

IG: @artfulpeaks