Print by Neena Buxani 

11" x 14"

Giclée Print

About the Artist:
“Art is a form of expression that allows me to spread positivity through the use of vibrant colors and uplifting themes and subject matter. When I am immersed in the creative process, it brings me joy by not only allowing me to express my authentic self but to inspire others to do the same.
I currently work with alcohol inks, acrylic paint, and mixed media to create magical abstracts, nature-inspired abstract expressionistic pieces and joyful realistic paintings. I attempt to encourage the viewer to stop, look and embrace the artwork by offering various looking points. My use of inviting textures, varying styles, differing line depths, and strong color helps me to achieve this purpose. My final intention being that my work continues to convey positive energy and inspire viewers and collectors on a daily basis.”