ROSE QUARTZ by DeLoné Osby
ROSE QUARTZ by DeLoné Osby

ROSE QUARTZ by DeLoné Osby


Original Artwork by DeLoné Osby

20" x 20"

Pyrography, Acrylic and Gold Leafing on Wood

About the Artist:

DeLoné is a self taught artist, describing themselves as a Queer Afro-Indigenous Artist. 

They use their work as a way to heal their own traumas, the traumas of their ancestors, and recently the people who see their work. Through spiritual practices and ancestral work, they incorporate the messages they receive via dreams and meditation into their work. 

Growing up multi-racial and queer, it was important to them to find their sense of self and where they fit in within her communities. Art has helped them accomplish this. Their work has become an embodiment of self and the divine in a way that also lets the viewer see divine in themselves.