GOSSIP by Stef Shock
GOSSIP by Stef Shock

GOSSIP by Stef Shock


Original Artwork by Stef Shock

20" x 24"

Acrylic Paint on Deckle Edged Paper

About the Artist:

Stef Shock’s work in abstraction involves playing with specific shapes that live in a space of friction or harmony within their surroundings. Her color palette is inspired by the many places she's lived (NYC, Chicago, Denver and The Bahamas) and traveled to (Bali, Morocco, Ecuador, France, Italy, Singapore). Whatever she's creating, she starts with a setting, an environment and a mood from her past.

She works in mixed media (Acrylics, Encaustic Wax, Charcoals, Plaster, Inks, Oil Pastels and Graphite) all on paper, stretched canvas or framed board.