Intro to Mixed Media - Curbside Pick-up Materials
Intro to Mixed Media - Curbside Pick-up Materials
Intro to Mixed Media - Curbside Pick-up Materials
Intro to Mixed Media - Curbside Pick-up Materials

Intro to Mixed Media - Curbside Pick-up Materials


 Learn the basics of drawing, painting, and collage to create a colorful & floral cactus garden piece with artist Anna Swanson.

Materials for curbside pick-up, select pick up time here:

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4-Week Live Online Course: (8 hours of instruction)

  • July 25 - August 15, every Saturday
  • 11am - 1pm CT

Over this 4-week course we will: 

  • Experiment with pencil and paper to sketch your design
  • Learn about different cactus plants and flowers you can draw/paint
  • Focus on drawing, planning, and choosing a color palette
  • Learn different brush use techniques and skills
  • Mix paint colors
  • And leave with a final project of painting a larger scale piece with acrylic paint.

Tuition covers:

  • Four sessions of 2-hour instruction, demo, and practice
  • Limited class size for hands-on instruction
  • All materials you will need during class, including paints, brushes, paper, canvas, and more.
  • Optional projects to work on at home to continue your practice in-between the times we meet

Who is this course suitable for?
Individuals who have little or no prior painting experience, or individuals who would like to relearn intro skills.

Week 1:
Discussion: Composition and balance, Types of cactus plants
Instruction: Intro to composition, balance, drawing, and sketching of cactus and flowers
Project: Sketch out the cactus design, flowers, and blooms on paper with

Week 2:
Discussion: Intro to design principles and how to determine your design
Instruction: Demonstration of drawing and sketching of cactus and flowers on canvas
Project: Draw out design on big canvas adding detail and background color.

Week 3:
Discussion: Color planning and mixing
Instruction: Create palettes on paper with paints
Project: Begin adding first layer of paint to the canvas

Week 4:
Discussion: Final tips and techniques, Details and layers
Instruction: Adding more layers, light and dark details, background color, and finishing details
Project: Guided instruction through final 20x20 painting on canvas

Materials List:
Sketch paper
Intro Brushes
20x20” canvas for final project 

About the Instructor:
Anna Swanson is an Austin based painter, elementary school art teacher, and mom. She received her BFA in fiber art & textiles and obtained her elementary art teacher certification. She is a stylist at heart, and loves teaching children's art in her art studio with her daughter, whom her business is named after. A small collection of her original pieces are at Austin Art Garage and Gallery, and prints of her work are on and Greenbox Art and Culture.